Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Canada Golden Fortune Potash Corporation?

Canada Golden Fortune Potash Corporation (CGFPC) is a private resource company engaged in the exploration and development of potash minerals in Saskatchewan.  CGFPC is headquartered in Saskatoon, SK.

What is the Broadview Project?

The Broadview Project is a proposed solution potash mine in southeast Saskatchewan.  It is situated on potash lease KL280, which covers approximately 281 square kilometers of land. 

Where is the Broadview Project located?

The Broadview Project is located approximately 12 kilometers south of Grenfell, SK and 120 kilometers east of Regina, SK.  KL280 is located in the RM's of Kingsley No. 124 and Chester No. 125.  

What is the project schedule for the Broadview Project?

The Broadview Project is currently in the study and evaluation stage.

What water source will the Broadview Project use?

CGFPC is currently working in conjunction with the Water Security Agency (WSA) to determine potential sustainable water supply options.

What is selective solution mining and what are the benefits of it?

In contrast to mining technologies used at existing potash solution mines in Saskatchewan, the selective solution mining at the Broadview Project will use brine, instead of fresh water, to extract potash (KCl) but to leave halite (NaCl) underground. Advantages of selective solution mining include a higher product extraction ratio, lower construction cost and shorter construction time, less surface tailings, and less surface subsidence.

How can you ensure our aquifers do not get contaminated?

Several hydrogeological studies were conducted for the project, including desktop review, drilling, instrumentation, and testing to aid in and refine the site selection. 2D groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling is being conduct to evaluate the long-term impact to the subsurface. The mine site was sited in a location where there is natural containment (e.g. tills, clays, and limited sands). In addition, the design for the tailings management area will include numerous mitigation measures to protect groundwater, including dykes, a liner, and secondary containment measures (if required).

What are the benefits of a multiple silos loading system?

The multiple silos loading system is able to load up over 30 train cars at the same time, which is very efficient compared with traditional single loading systems. The loading silos will also help reduce the risk of product caking, because the potash product that enters the silos will be “first come, first load”. Most importantly, the loading system will also store product, reducing the surface footprint of the storage facility.

How many employees will be needed during the plant operation?

A total of 165 permanent employees will be required for plant operation. This plant is designed to be highly automated and most employees will work from the central control center in the administration building to remotely monitor and control the plant machinery.

Is there any impact to atmospheric environment during the plant operation?

CGFPC is currently conducting air dispersion modeling to predict potential effects on air quality. During operation, the mine will be required to report all emissions to Environment and Climate Change Canada. CGFPC has integrated emission mitigation measures into plant design. There is only one stack for boiler emissions in the proposed plant, and this stack will be built to minimize ground-level effects to ambient air quality.

How will the visual landscape change for those living in the area? Will there be a large tailings pile?

As part of all potash mining, the Broadview Project will have a tailings pile, however, it is expected to be significantly smaller than other potash mines in the province. Because the Broadview Project is utilizing brine for the solution mining process to selectively extract sylvite (KCl) and not halite (NaCl), significantly less waste salt will be brought to surface. Gypsum, another byproduct of mining, will also be brought to surface and stored in the tailings management area. CGFPC will evaluate the potential sale of this gypsum for drywall materials for the building industry.